Music is everywhere and it’s free of charge. You have a good trick to attract listeners to your songs?

In 2011, humanity, which also includes Joss Whedon, produced 1.8 ZB of data. If it were all stored on DVD discs that were placed on top of each other, the stack would be66,000 mileshigh.

A bit scary? Try n’ take it easy coz it’s just the beginning! In 2020, we’re gonna produce 35 ZB of information. The height of such a stack would be equal to three distances of the Earth to the Moon.

Is it about our inability to imagine it? Well, we CAN imagine hell lot of different things - that Justin Bieber will be Frank Sinatra of the twenty-first century, that Lady Gaga will perform at the Metropolitan Opera, that Wagner will become Woody Allen’s favorite composer, and that Quentin Tarantino will shoot a commercial for Mercedes...

No, no, the point is NOT our mental retardation but the fact that there’ll be at least 17.5 ZB of ... music.

Music that no one needs and no one really listens to. The kind of music, for which no girl will give up, hmm ... conventions. The kind that will make no man shoot himself in the mouth (hi, Kurt!).

Today, anyone can record something, release, aspire and act like artist-wannabe... Anyone can accomplish him or herself with new technologies. But ... instead of 10 competitors, you’ll now need to face 100, of which 90 are Chinese (Indians, Pakistanis, Poles, Czechs, Germans, Russians ... – you name it). Everyone is gifted, determined and speaks English better than you do. So what?

It's up to you whether you dethrone Lady Gaga. Surreal? Do not think so! We know many records that are no worse than those by Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. So why is it that she sells hers, and not you? Because she came up with an idea to look like a combination of the Olsen sisters and the Empress of Japan. Won’t you come up with anything just as out of this world?

infographic source: Mashable Infographics (design: @sasha_em, research: Josh Catone)