Dog's Talent

Dog's Talent

The winner of the latest series of Britain's Got Talent was a dog. 6-year-old Pudsey earned £500,000 for his owner, 17-year-old Ashleigh Butera. 

Now look at the bastard who wakes you every day at 6 am, put it on the wall and ask what good he did for you in the last year. It may bark back, swish its tail furiously and, offended, go onto its blanket. 

Hang a pic of Pudsey over your dog. Perhaps its example will be motivating for all the lazy dogs in the world to work hard on themselves.

We’ll be watching closely the fate of Pudsey. We wonder which record label will release its album. And who should be barking in it? Pudsey? Ashleigh? Maybe both? 

We hope that there will be a talented manager who will tap the potential of this somewhat bizarre couple. And we do hope that the lawyers, accountants, agents, webmasters, designers, PR practitioners, tour managers and producers of dog food won’t mercilessly rip off Simon Cowell circus characters and will leave at least some money for a better dog blanket and a more comfortable track suit for the owner.

Around the artists, and the dog Pudsey and Miss Ashleigh have just joined this group, there always turns up a lot of guys trying to help… themselves, above all. 

What is the Future of Music?

As illustrated by recent studies of The Future of Music Coalition, lawyers and accountants earn the most on the artists’ success. Anyway, the very same people earn even more on their failures, but let’s leave that for another time. It's a part of the industry’s reality.

The more complicated the matters of copyright and of financial accounts related to digitization and virtualization of production and distribution of music, the greater the importance of lawyers and accountants in this branch. 

This leads, however, not only to problems but also to opportunities. The chances of direct control over your finances increase in the number of sources of income and better contact with the fans that, at the end of a day, decide whether they want to see you at Madison Square Garden, or in a bar in Alaska. We hope that soon NuPlays will be for you a place where you find strong support for your music and business activities.


And one more thing. Have we heard of Amanda Palmer of Boston and all the guys who donated US$ 655,000 via for her musical project? So don’t say the kids that decide about your career and have their iPads loaded with files which they never paid for a cent, have no conscience. After all, it’s not them who invented the CD-R, Internet, MP3, clouding...

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