NuPlays dCards

NuPlays dCards

Have you ever thought what your fans actually do with the CDs they buy from you? According to the survey we've made on NuPlays, 81 percent rip CDs to digital format to listem to music on the phone, tablet or PC.

So why not making their lives easier? Here's where NuPlays dCards come to play!


dCards is a new creative way to offer you music to your fans. It's standard credit-card sized scratch card with a special code allowing fan to stream or download your digital content - single, album or video.


You only need to provide the front design of the dCard and have the content uploaded to NuPlays and we'll do the rest - we'll print and deliver dCards to you.

Now it's up to you how you'll use the cards; we've seen artists:
- including dCards in new digipack releases - to make preorder copies special editions
- using dCards as collectible event tickets with downloadable digital content
- using dCards to create beautiful collections




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You can order dCards by sending us an e-mail: