NuPlays-On-Demand: create&sell t-shirts to your fans in 60 seconds!

NuPlays-On-Demand: create&sell t-shirts to your fans in 60 seconds!

Please welcome an app with which your tees virtually make themselves.

Having launched services as selling MP3s bundled with giveaways and pay-for live streaming of concerts, we're introducing an application to make your own T-shirts.

Under NuPlays On Demand service the we've given the sellers - musicians, record labels and managers - a simple, costless, functional and user-friendly program that allows you to design and sell unique t-shirts.

Thanks to the our application, you can offer fans a high quality t-shirts available in unique colors and 5 different cuts for any occasion at any time, for artistic, promotional or event reasons, such as the anniversary of the band or of the first album release.

The system allows you to create extremely short collectable series of clothes and to immediately make them available for sale. 

Designing and selling T-shirts with the NuPlays On Demand service does not involve any financial investments, advance payments or minimum orders. Labels and artists risk absolutely nothing; do not bear packaging and shipping costs either, as NuPlays deals with it all.

You can opt for one of the five types of shirts: two kinds for females, two kinds for males and one for children. They come in many colors and in all standard sizes. T-shirts are made immediately after the order is placed. 

In order to create your brand new t-shirt follow these 3 simple steps: 

  • login to your seller account (
  • select "My offers" and click "Add offer" button
  • select "create new t-shirt" (in "Create a new offer using our special services" section)
  • follow the wizard; you'll need a 1500x1500 px (.png format) image file with transparent background (alpha layer=transparent).

The price of T-shirts produced by NuPlays On Demand is agreed by the seller. After choosing the style and uploading the graphics with the application, you enter the amount that will end up on your PayPal account when the fan buys the t-shirt. We add the cost of manufacturing and delivering it to your fan. Depending on the profit you expect, the t –shirts’ prices offered in NuPlays with this tool can be as low as

  • EUR 12
  • USD 14
  • GBP 10

The above price includes shipping to your fan - so it's completely hassle-free!

Interestingly enough, there are no limits defining the number of orders, and artists are not restricted as to the number of offers that can be created and provided for sale. T -shirts can be sold either individually or bundled with MP3 albums (after buying T-shirt, customer is sent a link to download the associated album).

The sales of so-called merchandise including clothes and all kinds of collectibles are becoming an increasingly important position in the global music market turnover. Some experts estimate that in the coming years these revenues will reach up to 15 percent of all music industry revenues. One of the reasons for this phenomenon is a growing popularity of concerts, festivals and live events, during which the viewers are more than happy to buy merchandise endorsed by their favorite artists, for whom, in turn, it is an essential part of the identity and image development as well as close contacts with their fans.

Here at NuPlays we're doing everything to help you in following this trend. Thanks to NuPlays On Demand you will be able to better meet the expectations of your fans that are looking for new, original and unique forms of identification with their idols.

The example of the t-shirt created with NuPlays-On-Demand: