Preorders on NuPlays, or how to cash in on new releases?

Preorders on NuPlays, or how to cash in on new releases?

Preparation of the album content, organization of the recording and studio work require a lot of effort, time and money. We know that for you - independent artists, labels and managers – it’s a real investment. It is essential for the launch of the album to be well-planned so that - in addition to satisfaction – it gives maximum promotional and financial effect.

In NuPlays we're focused on delivering you the tools to help you create best premieres possible. That's why we've integrated three key features for succesful launch of your new album:

  • Landing page creator: you prepare a nice banner and texts and we create a special landing page for your preorder so that you get all thing in one place. Landing page features a contact form so that your fans can leave their e-mail to get extra offers from you.
  • Remarketing: the landing page features conversion pixel, allowing us to run a remarketing campaigns on social media
  • Marketing automation: information about your offer will be sent via e-mail to all your fans.

Now having the right tools you can focus on making this special for your fans - let us throw a few ideas below!

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Action: Launch!

First of all, new album release is a project that begins long before the official introduction of the music for sale.

In NuPlays you get a whole range of tools that allow you to quickly plan and implement even the most ingenious promotional campaigns without having to invest in complex stores on your own site or in merch production. The project can be created in minutes using ready-wizards, and its elements are editable at any time.

The marketing activities can begin a few weeks before the launch. This is the right time to reach the audience, intrigue them and build anticipation. Remember that music is a part of the whole bundle of emotions and sensations that you provide to your fans. It is for them an element of identity and a way of expressing themselves. So if you want them to encourage others to listen to your music, you have to give them a good reason and tools in the form of services or gadgets, which they can tell their friends about.

The best launches and most interesting projects in NuPlays were designed by the artists themselves or their managers based on three principles. Here they are:

1 Bundle MP3 files with gadgets, media and services

Offering your music in NuPlays, you can add the option to download files to any service or product - e.g. regular concert tickets, tickets for paid streaming of concert organized on our platform, CDs, T-shirts and so on. This way you give your fans the feeling that they are buying something tangible. You may very well be planning to put your music on YouTube anyway, so in order to persuade fans to spend their money you have to give them something more than what you give them for free.

2 Create limited editions and collectibles for super-fans

Fans gathered around your site (or fan page) are very valuable. With the launch, why don’t you offer them something unique just for them, for example autographed albums or special T-shirts in a strictly limited edition (e.g. using NuPlays On Demand service where you do not need to invest in the production of t-shirts), of course together with the right to download the MP3 album. PREORDER function and our free app on Facebook ideally serve this purpose: see an example...

3 Think over the scenario and build some drama

You work in show business, so you provide your fans with entertainment! Using NuPlays tools you can let your imagination run wild and create new release projects composed of many different elements, and even stages, e.g.:

  • enable NuPlays app on your Facebook fan page. Thanks to this most loyal fans can always see what you want to offer
  • share a selected file with your fans for free; unlike on other sites, on NuPlays such action can generate tangible benefits because while downloading you will present attractive offers to your fans (check out examples: Enclose, Kazik - 12 cents)
  • create special t-shirt designs - remember that thanks to NuPlays On Demand you do not incur the cost of production of t-shirts!). You can even create designs for each week before the launch, and each of the models may be available only in one particular week. You can finally design the offer in such a way, because everyone who buys a t-shirt received a link to download the album on the release day - with NuPlays all it takes is a one click!
  • create the "preorder autographed CD” feature with selected giveaways.
  • create a bundle of "MP3 + invitation to the band rehearsal" (or to a preview). The number of such bundles should be limited. Fans (after depositing mobile devices on entering) will be able to listen to the premiere material live.
  • Add to each pre-ordered MP3 album a mail letter of thanks from the artist and signed by the band members and 2-3 photographs (so-called compliment card) - remember that you can have your offers shipped by NuPlays!
  • offer dCards at shows to let them immediately download music


After the launch, you can continue using NuPlays to sell and make any offers, such as limited number of tickets for new release concert with the right to download MP3 files or with a CD and an autograph to be collected after the concert.

All your offers can be directed to the fans worldowide, as they are automatically translated into English, German and Russian. The system allows you to receive payments in US dollars, Euro and GBP, and you can payout your funds anytime to your PayPal account.

And finally, remember:

  1. Registration with NuPlays and keeping accounts of Sellers and those of Fans NuPlays is free of charge and the registration takes just a few minutes
  2. With NuPlays all rights to your music remain with you - we are the platform on which you offer your music to your fans
  1. NuPlays is created in such a way so as to help you cash in on your works!

 You are welcome!

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