The latest NuPlays version - changes concerning the Sellers

The latest NuPlays version - changes concerning the Sellers

As of August 6 NuPlays system will be upgraded to its latest version. This time we have focused on the Seller section, the effectiveness of the settlement system as well as the introduction of the possibility of adding your own rules of sales.

Thanks to the changes introduced by us:

  • soon we are going to introduce pay-with-one-click option, which will increase your sales
  • you will be able to introduce your own sales terms regarding returns, delivery dates, etc.

Important notes:

  • Due to the need by NuPlays to manage the flows of funds between different payment systems, the payment will be made on working days within 24 hours of payment order (this means that the payments ordered on Friday evening or at the weekend will be processed on Monday by the end of the day).
  • Introduction of the new settlement system resulted in the need to update the NuPlays Terms of Use. By the way, we have updated it with new rules resulting from the adjustment to the regulations required by the European Union. The content of the new Terms of Use can be accessed today in the attached pdf file.

And as for case no.2, which is the possibility to create your own sales rules, because each Seller has his/her own expectations and experience, and sometimes you might want to offer something on special conditions. And that’s where the new feature of adding your own terms comes in. All the information can be found in the Terms of Use, which will appear after the system upgrade.

 A few tips regarding creating your own rules:

  • Your rules should be legible, permanent and leaving no doubt
  • When you create a custom offer, stipulate the requirements needed to provide the service (eg. the need to have any special applications or a player, etc) or describe the quality in which the service will be provided
  • Provide the requirements from the customer, necessary to enjoy the offer
  • Describe the consequences of you, the Seller failing to perform the agreement as well as those faced by the customers in the same situation (eg. if they enter incorrect delivery address)
  • Stipulate the rules of claims, cancelling the agreement and return of the goods ordered – take into account the new legal regulations that will soon be implemented (i.e., 14 days to withdraw from the agreement, who incurs the return shipping cost and the time in which it is possible)
  • When creating the offer of "tickets, reservations for concerts" do stipulate all the necessary documents needed to identify the person for whom the booking was made. Point exactly where and how the booking will be executed.
  • With the offer of a ticket in physical form, take into account the time of delivery, so that the ticket should reach the customer before the concert 
  • Ask any questions you like in the comments or by emailing us at!


NuPlays team