Welcome to NuPlays!

Welcome to NuPlays!

We are the website where music from independent artists and professional labels can be bought with something extra: be it t-shirts, tickets, vinyl, access to unique movies or music videos, phone apps and many, many more - it all depends on the creativity of artists!

With NuPlays you gain even if you just want to buy MP3 files - without any gadgets. Each purchase is rewarded with NuPlays points that are later redeemed into collector’s Megaoffers, such as autographed record editions, meetings with artists (in real life or online), original gadgets, concert tickets – to name just a few.

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And now a few practical tips.


To start shopping, you need to register. You can do it in a traditional way, providing your basic data and e-mail or via Facebook or Twitter. Press the right icon and before long the formalities will be done.


Purchase of any offer means that you will get access to the album, which is related to a given deal. We offer standard MP3 files at high (320 kbps) and low (64 kbps) qualities. After buying, a new page opens where individual files or an entire album can be downloaded in a .zip form. In addition, the music will be on your Music Shelf, where you will always be able to download it.

Before you buy, you can always listen to 15-second fragments of songs, some vendors also provide music for free (appropriate ‘‘download” buttons are then highlighted in a more intense blue color). Note - all NuPlays prices include the cost of shipping to the address provided!


Apart from the offers of albums alone in the form of MP3/320 kbps (rewarded with NuPlays points, with a distinctive NuPlays owl) in NuPlays you can often find additional deals to purchase the given album created by artists and labels. So you can buy - for example - the artist shirt, a photo with his/her autograph, ‘occasion packaging’ vinyl, the album as lossless files and so on and so forth. Just select the item that interests you and click ‘BUY OFFER’. Remember that each time you also get your music in the form of MP3/320 kbs.


Each purchase is automatically rewarded with NuPlays appropriate number of points that are collected on your account. This system does not require from you any additional activity.

Points that are accumulated on your account can be exchanged for Megaoffers. These are all sorts of items and activities that you can enjoy when you accumulate enough points. Example - if you have on your account 10,000 points and you see in our Megaoffers headphones valued at 10,000 points, just click  ‘Redeem points’. Automatically the appropriate delivery form will be displayed based on which we'll deliver your chosen Megaoffer free of charge!

Exchange of points

Besides all the activities, we also offer the opportunity to exchange points among NuPlays Users. Your points' balance is visible in the upper right corner whenever you log on to NuPlays.

If you want to donate part or all of them to a friend (or a stranger) to make him/her happy or help him/her get an interesting Megaoofer click on your name, select Transfer Points, and follow the instructions. The exchange of points among Users is not limited in any way.


In NuPlays you pay with PayPal and you always pay exactly the price of the offer - there are no hidden charges!

We hope that this information will be helpful to you. Stay with us and find out more about completely unheard-of benefits of  NuPlays. Remember, too, that it's worth checking back here, because we are constantly expanding our catalogue and services!